13 Demon Princes

Layout Editor  

‘Fire! Brimstone! Goat eyes & the grim visage of hell itself! 
Let’s dim the lights, light our black candles, shave our antlers, and put our hooves up on the couch for once. It’s that time of year again, ghastly goetians, time for another season of 
Thirteen Demon Princes!’
13 Demon Princes Kickstarter

Working with project creator Taylor LaBresh of River House Games and Descent into Midnight, I contribute as the Layout Editor. On this project I create the visual style guide that gets applied to the layout of the book and any other materials that might get printed.

This project has been successfully Kickstarted and is currently on going. Check back in for more updates. 
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Programs Used:

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

Production Skills:

  • Creating a style guide

  • Worked Pre-flight for printing

  • Color correcting images for print

  • Typography

  • Creating Tables and Adjusting Body Copy