Sweet Alpaca Yarn

Logo Design, Corporate Branding & Package Design

My magnum opus of my portfolio is my Sweet Alpaca Yarn Corporate Branding Campaign. Starting from the logo up I created nearly every aspect of a branding campaign. 

The fonts chosen were Lavandaria and Helvetia Neue: the script font was chosen to give the company a 'sweet and lightly girlish' look, while the sans serif was chosen since it would complement without overpowering the main font. The pink and tan colors were chosen for similar reasons as the official colors, while the darker red was chosen since it worked well with the tan and contrasted the pink. 

Of all the pieces within the campaign my favorite, and favorite amongst my entire portfolio is my mailer piece. It is the most complicated of all the pieces done require both front and back printing, as well as mounting a moving piece and the yarn insert. 

    Programs Used:

    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe InDesign 

    Skills Used:

    • Logo Design
    • Package Design 
    • Mailer Design 
    • Print Ad Design
    • Booklet Design
    • POP Design