Descent into Midnight

Layout Editor  

‘Promote teamwork, spiritual reflection, and environmental awareness. A gifted team of psionic defenders fight mental, physical, and spiritual corruption threatening their ecosystem, their home, and their friendships. With shared world building, evocative playbooks & moves, and guided meditation & collaborative storytelling, Descent Into Midnight is aquatic gaming that is intense, emotional, and shows the wonder of the ocean.’
Descent into Midnight Website

Working along side the wonderful authors and artists of Descent into Midnight, I add cohesive branding, layout, and commercial design to the project. My goal for the project is to create a strong and consistent visual structure that can be applied to future aspects of the project.

This project is currently on going. Check back in for more updates. Find out more about this project here     

Programs Used:

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

Production Skills:

  • Creating a style guide

  • Worked Pre-flight for printing

  • Color correcting images for print

  • Typography

  • Creating Tables and Adjusting Body Copy

  • Copy Editing